Use English to learn conflict resolution; use conflict resolution to improve English.

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Conference season is underway, and I’m looking forward to meeting colleagues at these four:
TESOL, in Tampa, Florida (March 20 – 24) 
Look for me at the University of Michigan Press booth. 
ABA, Dispute Resolution...

One bright spot during the pandemic has been creating InterpretADR with my colleague and friend, Maria Ceballos-Wallis, a certified court interpreter and mediator in Georgia. We began working together in June 2020 through Cross-Cultural Communications,    and since then, we’ve provided online trainings, webinars and a podcast “...

English language teaching (ELT) and principled negotiation are separate fields with a surprising amount in common, starting with the shared goal of increasing “understanding.” Since the two fields rely on similar communicative strategies to pursue that common goal, most ELT instructors are unknowingly already teaching conflict resolution skills to some extent. This article describes four very different courses that use the classic text on principled negotiation Getting to Yes to teach...

Workshop Presentation
Getting to Yes as a Second Language: Using Getting to Yes to teach integrated lessons in English and principled negotiation

Global Negotiation Symposium
June 23 - 25, 2017

The Global Negotiation Symposium will be held at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies in Kobe, Japan.

This Global Negotiation Symposium will bridge theory, research and practice of...

Pop Quiz

1. Use all of the following words to tell a story: Violence, Grammar, Loss, Vocabulary, Rage, Spelling, Tragedy, Reading, Family, Listening Comprehension, Understanding, Homework, Land, Country Music, Friendship 

2. Compare your story to Palestinian Aziz Abu Sarah's real-life story. ...

I'm excited about the upcoming International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education at Ohio State University this June!

I'll be presenting this daylong MSL training as a pre-conference workshop on June 9, from 9 - 5.

For more information, check out Workshop #11, page 9:


I am thrilled to be participating in the 2016 Global Legal Skills Conference in Verona, Italy!

My panel presentation, with esteemed colleagues from Florence, Bergamo and...Sacramento, will be on Wednesday, May 25:

Teaching Global ADR Skills for the 21st CenturyProf. Mary-Beth Moylan (University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, California): Using Client Counseling and...

Speaking  of Verona....

Several years ago, four of my Chinese students at Berkeley proposed a mediation role-play between two gentlement of Verona, Mr. Capulet and Mr. Montague. I can’t recall if the ground rules included leaving swords outside in the hall, but the student mediators fearlessly explained the mediation process and convinced both gentlemen to give it a try.

After an hour of active listening, a few apologies and a few minutes spent imagining a bright future filled ...

MSL Homeschool

Make Yourself At Home With MSL

When it comes to conflict resolution training, is there anything new under the sun?  

I think one of my students invented a new model, but please read the blog and then you tell me: 

1.  Is it new? 
2.  What should we call it? For now, I’ll call it “MSL Homeschool.”
3.  Would you like to try it?

First, here are four things that are not new about MSL Homeschool: