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Can you InterpretADR?

One bright spot during the pandemic has been creating InterpretADR with my colleague and friend, Maria Ceballos-Wallis, a certified court interpreter and mediator in Georgia. We began working together in June 2020 through Cross-Cultural Communications,    and since then, we’ve provided online trainings, webinars and a podcast “Subject to Interpretation”through DeLa Mora Institute.

Our basic trainings introduce interpreters to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) with a focus on mediation. We start with ADR terms, concepts, ethics, and cultural issues and then apply interpreters’ general knowledge and skills to ADR contexts. We provide as much practice and feedback as time allows, and every participant receives our Practical Tips for Interpreters in ADR contexts.  

Our longer trainings provide practice with different modes, briefings, introductions, interventions, ADR terms of art and idioms. Participants receive individual feedback and detailed glossaries. 

For more information and to connect with Maria, me and our participants, please ask to join our Facebook page.    

Coming soon: InterpretADR online webinars for mediators who work with interpreters.  


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