Use English to learn conflict resolution; use conflict resolution to improve English.

  • MSL gives you the English you need to negotiate and resolve conflict - in English

  • MSL  has courses for ESL, law & business students - and instructors 

  • MSL has courses for teachers, students, interpreters, employees and more

  • MSL combines English & conflict resolution in one interactive course

  • Learn how to negotiate - in English - with MSL


ESL + Mediation = MSL

MSL is a unique combination of English as a Second Language (ESL) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural communication.

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The "Getting to Yes" Guide for ESL Students and Professionals
Principled Negotiation for Non-Native Speakers of English

Getting to Yes, developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, has been an international bestseller on win-win “principled” negotiations since 1981. Its four-step method has helped millions of people negotiate successfully with friends, relatives, business partners, customer service agents, opposing counsel, government officials, and other adversaries. Native speakers of English can easily and enjoyably learn the method by simply reading the book. But for non-native speakers of English, the vocabulary, idioms, phrasing, examples, and references can be difficult to understand. These readers may not be able to use Getting to Yes to negotiate in English on an equal footing with more fluent English speakers. 

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LL.M. Programs
  • Integrated courses in ADR & English for judges, lawyers & law students who are non-native speakers of English
  • Workshops for ADR professors: Integrating ADR & English 
  • Orientation & academic skills programs for international law & LL.M. students
ESL Programs

English for Specific Purposes (ESP):

 Conflict Resolution

  • Teacher Training
  • Courses for Students
  • Orientation Programs




International Programs
  • Orientation programs & classes for international students 
  • Teacher Training
  • Consultation

Learn Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Terms & Concepts for

  • Settlement Conferences
  • Negotiations 
  • Mediations
  • International ADR Trainings 

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