Use English to learn conflict resolution; use conflict resolution to improve English.

Using Getting to Yes to Teach English, Negotiation, and Other 21st Century Skills

English language teaching (ELT) and principled negotiation are separate fields with a surprising amount in common, starting with the shared goal of increasing “understanding.” Since the two fields rely on similar communicative strategies to pursue that common goal, most ELT instructors are unknowingly already teaching conflict resolution skills to some extent. This article describes four very different courses that use the classic text on principled negotiation Getting to Yes to teach integrated lessons in principled negotiation and ELT: 1) An LL.M. ESP – negotiations course for lawyers; 2) A summer EAP course for international undergraduate and graduate students focusing on communication skills; 3) A university-level academic reading and writing course for freshmen; and 4) A Content-Based Instruction (CBI) course in university-level academic skills for international undergraduate and graduate students new to American universities. The article concludes with suggestions for additional ways to integrate negotiation and ELT.

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